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Before and After-School Programs

At Café BGs in Lawrence, NJ, we know that in order for children and adults to thrive and succeed, it’s crucial that they have daily, wholesome food. Working with the state Child and Adult Care Food Program, we are dedicated to providing healthy alternative wholesome food.

From school age facilities, childcare & preschool facilities and afterschool programs, we will work to collaborate and prepare a 12 – 14-day menu cycle, complete with adherence to state-required components

as well as based on your organization’s unique needs.

Our partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and YMCA has made a big difference in the lives of children who may otherwise, not enjoy the vital nutrition on a regular basis before and after school.

Healthy Food Fitness Program

Your Healthy Food Fitness Program will be based on the following program your trainer has assigned to you. Food is either picked up every two weeks or shipped directly to your home. All meals are made fresh and cryogenic freezing to secure freshness the day of delivery or pick up.

Healthy Food Fitness Meals

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